Bearded Legend - All My Life (My Fight)

Bearded Legend releases a downright sinister track titled "All My Life (My Fight)." That title is comforting to me because it portrays life as a battle, a characterization many try to deny. Bearded Legend handles the production himself and delivers a bit of a contradiction as it begins with dreamy synths only to have his snarl blare onto the track. Add in some grim guitar riffs and you've got a thematically dissonant war cry rallying listeners for the battle of life. Because of the disparate components, you may not be feeling the track the first listen through. But, the second time through somehow it just clicks.

One comment on Soundcloud I found especially amusing comes from Iko The Rainman who wonders "have you ever listened to something and wondered why that person is not famous as fuck?" To Iko I say yes, yes I have. But that is simply not the case with Bearded Legend.

Now, that's not a commentary on the quality of his craft, it's just that his gritty, industrial sound situates himself firmly beyond the bounds of what gets people famous. I think the more Bearded Legend nears the perfection of his sound, the farther and farther from famous he will be. And I think he revels in the ever increasing distance between him and fame as he continues to release unapologetically alternative music. Then again, I suppose it all depends on your definition of fame. "All My Life (My Fight)" is the lead single off of Bearded Legend's upcoming self-produced EP PHOENIX due out late this August.