Celso - What They Say (prod Mydus)

Touching on the social issues plaguing American on a daily basis is Florida rapper Celso who spits fluently over the smooth Mydus production on "What They Say".

"Since the beginning of time it seems blacks have faced an uphill battle. With many accomplishments and several barriers left to be broken we must undoubtedly uplift one another and focus on real issues at hand. The media portrays the worst of the worst and gets simple pleasures in playing us against one another (blacks vs whites). The only battle we should be fighting is the one in which true justice is the outcome. White privilege is only white privilege when it isn't acknowledged as such. We have lost too many to crooked officials and have remained unheard... Until now. This is the only way I know to express my deep concern and disdain for recent and on going events. Stand up for what you believe in, I've never known anyone to regret standing up for themselves."