Constant Deviants - Omerta [Album]

Constant Deviants, composed of emcee M.I. and producer DJ Cutt, follow up Avante Garde with a new concept album titled Omerta. The project finds them calling upon their respective heritages to assume corresponding identities as Luciano and Lansky. Their production organization SIX2SIX has ventured out into the field of film as part of a concerted effort to deliver a finished product rich with narrative rather than simply releasing beats and bars.

The 13-track project takes place in a metaphorical world of mob bosses and mayhem. That being said, it is a world parallel to our own such that the events of the album speak to our reality in addition to the one they've fabricated. To be clear, the project is not an endorsement of the mobster lifestyle nor is M.I. making any claims to such a life, Omerta is simply an artistic exploration of the mindsets and struggles of the professional criminal.

You can stream the project bellow and, if you are drawn in by the tale of Luciano and Lansky, cop the project on Bandcamp for a cool $6.