DeQuince - Change (Prod Canis Major) [Video]

California rapper DeQuince releases visuals for "Change," off of his album POMONA. Over smooth jazz samples and crisp percussions compliments of Canis Major, DeQuince flows about everyone's least favorite constant: change. The first verse is devoted to calling out those who claim to be thugs when in reality they are, more often than not, disingenuous. The second verse builds upon the first, and also serves to characterize DeQuince as a genuine threat. 

"These days pussies will shoot on sight it ain't right 
how you say you're gangsta but you afraid to throw them hands
you ain't never catch a fade like Fantastic Sam's"

It's not until the third verse that the song's hook begins to make sense to me. In it, DeQuince explains how he is reinventing himself by trading in his gun for a pen and getting out of the business of thugging: 

"I ain't never going back to these streets
Im trying to think farther think smarter think harder
victory tastes sweet like momma's peach cobbler
its the restart of a new me"

If you dig the video, feel free to download POMONA in full here and follow DeQuince to stay hip on future releases.