Frost - Life.I.Live. [Album]

Last Trip member Frost drops his debut album Life.I.Live. Eleven tracks long, the project seems to have three main vibes. There are tracks like "Intro (Life.I.Live.)" and "Calm Down" which are aimed at justifying and explaining Frost's decision to forgo the traditional route of education and instead live the life of a hip hopper. 

"I ain't trying to be a nigga in them colleges
I don't wanna end up sitting in an office chair
so fuck a nine to five I make my own office here
Supplying dope beats speaking 'til they off the kid"

In a similarly autobiographical nature, tracks like "Clientele" and "Ruler Breaker" also address Frost's absence from high school. These tracks, however, find Frost absent not because he is hip hopping but because he is hustling.

"Every time I see somebody they like where you been
I don't ever see you party you still at the crib and hanging
I'm still making hits back to back
you still can't see like you had cataracts
I'm still rolling through the streets selling dirt."

Then, the rest of the songs on the project are devoted to vices, namely women with an undertone of drugs. There are feel-good incarnations of this topic, like the boom bappy, CaitlynElise-featuring ode "Like That" and then there are more somber, reflective songs of affections like "Initials."

"This feeling that I have I ain't never felt
brush them other hoes off cause they never helped
I'm just being real
you the only one to keep me in the right mindstate in this blind place"

Press play and live the life of Frost, if only for a moment's time. And be on the lookout for our interview with the artist, currently in the works.