Kevin Venom ft Crosby - Final Form (Prod Lentra)

Not too long ago, Lentra The Gawd descended from his heavenly perch to peruse the earthly pleasures wars are fought for. During his time in our realm, he paid a visit to the Hill the who's who of Carolina hip hop call home. After materializing something like an 8-bit trap anthem, he welcomed the likes of Kevenom and Hot Cros Puns to vocalize over the snapping snares. Venom spits first, delivering a hyped verse that appeases his previous promise to deliver flex bars. While Venom is just getting familiar with flexing, such antics are second nature to Crosby who accordingly snaps on the track. That being said, I think we all know the Legend referred to in the track's chorus is Lentra and not the scrubs he insists on putting on.

"Cause chaos all about the pay off
crooked like Madoff 
cooking like the Based God"