King Myers - AmeriKKKa (Prod L&N Tracks)

Understandably disgusted by recent events, Long Island emcee King Myers jumps on the track to denounce the AmeriKKKan lifestyle and dissuade the youth from believing the facade.  The production comes compliments of L&N Tracks who delivers a nice, clean sample-based canvas for Myers to expose the realities of the dystopia we are living in. One part that particularly resonated with me were the lines:

"Guess its time to prepare for the Trump
might have to kidnap Donald and throw him in a trunk
might have to hold him for ransom to get the shit we want B
fuck it thats the type of risk that we'll take for the country"

For starters, yes please, please kidnap Donald Trump. Throw him in a trunk, a river, wherever you want, just make sure he remains a novelty and never becomes a reality. Secondly, I think its interesting that Myers says the risk of kidnapping Trump is something he would do for "the country." Here he is accusing America of really being AmeriKKKa and yet he still acts for the good of his country. I think this alludes to the very real yet feverishly denied state of racial segregation in America. We have white AmeriKKKa and then we have Black America, Myers is saying he is willing to do what it takes to destroy AmeriKKKa so he can protect America. The next lines to highlight are:

"They try to justify why they murder us
they taking our lives but label us the burglars
guess they never heard of us
they told not to sell the coke crack and the weed 
but its worse now we get killed for selling CDs"

To me this alludes to the never ending excuses cop commiserators provide. What was once "well he was shooting at me" became "well he had a gun" became "Well we found cocaine on him" became "well we found a dime bag of weed on him." Now, as illustrated by Alton Sterling's murder, the commiserators excuses are as feeble as "well he was selling CDs." The song ends with the lines:

"They trying to kill us all, time to do something fam
its 2016 and the cops are the Klu Klux Klan"

Clearly, the cops are doing something wrong. That said, I think likening them to the KKK ignores the full scope of the problem. Cops are killing Blacks at an alarming rate not because they have independently banded together to do so but because, for as long as our society has existed, it has demonized African Americans as rapists and murders. As a result, AmeriKKKa holds the misguided belief that African Americans are a threat. Its not so much that the cops are the KKK as they are the product of a society that, whether they like it or not, has taken the teachings of the KKK to heart. Thats the thing the KKK doesn't want you to know, its not a matter of how many people are in their ranks, its a matter of how potently their propaganda pervades through the people. Its not about taking AmeriKKKans out of The KKK, its about taking the KKK out of Americans. This is the second single off of the fortchoming Myers x L&N collab King of AmeriKKKa