KoVu - Contrast [Mixtape]

Chicago-based hip hopper KoVu drops off Contrast which, according to his Soundcloud, is his sophomore effort following Phase 7. Things kick off with the trappy "Selfish" which features a triumphant hook that challenges listeners not to get hyped. At the end of "Selfish," someone named August God, or maybe Us God, makes my job a lot easier by recapping KoVu's accolades which include performances with Waka Flaka and Tory Lanez. 

"The Plug" is a party banger that finds KoVu flowing hard as steel, especially when he drops the lines "I've been trapping out the condo she cute she thick she says she fucking with the boy though." By the song's finish, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who isn't singing along as KoVu chants "I make it do what it does girl don't you know I'm the plug baby."  

Nikki Hayes lends her full-bodied vocals to "Treasure" which is your classic hip hop love song highlighting the desirable features of the apple of KoVu's eye including, but not limited to, her big booty and bountiful brain. "Love Drunk" talks about how honesty is often limited to times of intoxication and is, in my eyes, all too relatable. "We don't really talk unless we get drunk all the truth starts to come out and I said you were the one."

The project ends rather abruptly with "Wild Things" which seems to be a track talking about KoVu's progress on the path to stardom. "Started all this music down in my momma's basement now I'm up here with a nice little view only thing missing is a big old pool." Then the rest of the track is hook. So, KoVu is leaving us with a declaration of his progress and a promise to further that progress. He has elevated beyond his mom's basement, but he still doesn't have a pool so you best believe he will be back with more raps. Stay tuned.