MC Martin - Borne Back Ceaselessly Into The Past [Album]

California-based hip hopper M.C. Martin releases his debut album Borne Back Ceaslessly Into The Past. Now, this project presents two red flags. For one, the mixing is off. The vocals aren't seated into the beat properly giving it a less than professional sound. Secondly, the project is seven months old and we usually like to post content thats more temporally relevant. Once one looks past those two problems, however, the album has a lot to offer.

First things first its got dope album art which we have Brenda Chen to thank for. The title is intriguing as it seems to imply that M.C. Martin is a man of tomorrow who has been integrated into today without anyone noticing. In my mind, this concept resonates with the album's content as the lyrics are often a bit quirky. And its that quirkiness that makes the album shine brightest. As M.C. Martin shares a smattering of autobiographical details and social commentary, he maintains a strong handle on humor. 

Take, for example, "8ball Music." Over bass heavy production, M.C. Martin situates himself in the looney tunes universe to make a commentary on racial profiling. Jokes similarly marrying the intellectual with the imaginative can be found all throughout the album. Martin's ability to deliver such rhymes alongside sincere critiques of the state of hip hop and society in general makes up for what the album lacks in terms of production quality. 

Press play and take a trip through the mind of a future sent rapper who harolds an era of hip hop less about making a spectacle of surviving the streets and more about the limitlessness of imagination. Oh and since this project is so old, if you dig it, check out M.C. Martin's latest release the Swanky EP.