Noah Rime$ - Green Necks (Prod Ultramane) [Video]

Noah Rimes drops off visuals for a quick verse delivered over some dusty sampled-based smoothness compliments of  Ultramane. After some fractal imagery introduces the video, our star takes center stage to spit a healthy balance of wordplay and observational criticisms.

"I got you open like a dictionary
can't define what's real 
you're playing Pictionary
fuck this beat missionary"

That's a nice tie between dictionary and define. And that last line hits real hard, I think probably because it is such a strict rhyme. Then, in the line immediately following, Rimes delves into a critique of the commercialization of hip hop:

"Its kind of crazy how it's pay check to pay check
and rappers gotta flash the fucking dollars just to make cents"

And then, of course, what would a rap track be without some drug doing? Note the use of the proper joint lighting technique. The angle is essential if you want to avoid canoeing. 

"oodles and oodles of Os get blown"

That being said, when it comes to the mores insidious drugs like downers, Rimes is less than enthusiastic:
"Fam turning veggie off of Xan and lean cups"

Noah Rimes is best known for his work on the beat pad but this seems to be his way of  announcing that he plans to be a well-rounded hip hopper. The "Green Necks" video is a product of Rimes' collective of creatives called Philo Klan. It is unclear when we can expect more from the group, but I am certainly excited to see what they can do within a full-length production.