Rah - Hook Up (Prod Papo x Rah)

A while back a hip hopper named Rah hit me up through email with his latest single "Hook Up." I told him I would take a listen and get back to him. I did take a listen and was on the fence about whether or not I wanted to post it because I know my head editor is not too keen on trap or anything resembling it. So, I did what I always do when I can't decide about a song, I played it for my mom and asked her what she thought. Unfortunately for Rah, my mom doesn't much enjoy trap either so the track was vetoed.

Fast forward to a couple days ago and I had a hook stuck in my head that I couldn't place. I kept yelling "hook up like I'm Master P" with no idea where I had heard it. Then today, while I was working my way through my "To Blog" list, I got to an entry that simply read "Rah?" with no indication of an answer to the question. I went to the emails and found Rah's submission, pressed play, and heard the elusive "hook up like I'm Master P" once again. It was like being reunited with a long lost friend, one I had accepted to be gone and rejoiced to find.

Perhaps it is because I am far from well versed in trap but what I see it offering is catchy choruses and production heavily flexing the low end. Judging by those standards, "Hook Up" is great so I present it to you. And Rah, I'm sorry I doubted your song.

"Hook up like I'm Master P
Hook up like A n--ga Ant Johnson"