REMI & Sensible J - Substance Therapy

Melbourne-based REMI and musical collaborator Sensible J, today share their new single “Substance Therapy”, off their forthcoming album ‘Divas and Demons’ out September on House Of Beige.

Remi on "Substance Therapy" says, "depression is a demon in a scream mask, brandishing a hunting knife. When I take drugs, or drink it's the equivalent of giving that motherfucker the coordinates to my house. It just makes everything so much worse. This is basically the sound of coming down."
And from Sensible J, "this joint is supposed to sound hectic and anxious, to match the lyrical content from Rem. Very repetitive with the lil sample chops, and heavy bass stabs done on a Moog "Lil Phatty" by the man Dutch (peace bro!) When Rem added the "Blow your money" singing, I had to step up and add some changes to the bass notes. This beat has been sitting around for 3-4 years, and I'm glad it's going on this release. The drums have changed 3 times (shout out to DJ Manchild for the bday 45 and the open drum break on it! shhhhhhhh)."