Sage Yasuke - sagexdead [EP]

Sage Yasuke (previously Sage, The 64th Wonder) drops off a nine track EP titled sagexdead. Over loud, gritty beats Sage snarls disgruntled doubt-filled rhymes that situate him as the nemesis of norms. The project includes features from MFn Melo, Professor Mic, Sin Cordell, Red Bella, Tripz Traxxx, and Father Kari The Gameboy. Four of the tracks are produced by Emperor Bohe. The rest are handled by the likes of UY, Okugawa Jr., Brotha - Gif, and Sage himself.

As said on the first track, Sage is a rapper with the capability of singing. And, at times, sing he does. But its an odd type of singing, one with air of carelessness as if he couldn't be less concerned as to whether or not you like his singing. Sage sings because he has something to sing about. I think that is a big part of what makes this project work, it's not music for music's sake but music for the sake of expression. And when creativity is inspired by expression, it often manifests itself in ways too uniquely raw to be radio-friendly.

Stand out tracks include "Dat Remus Sauce" (any track that starts "I'm a worthless piece of shit" is gold in my book), the feature filled "777 Tailed Beast," and the chilled out "ANBU." Sage seems to be a mysterious rapper with a hyper-focused attention to executing an artistic experience that few are hip to. Definitely someone to watch and, if you can, see live as I hear he is among the dying breed of hip hoppers who put weight in delivering a crowd-pleasing live performance. Be on the lookout for an interview with the creative in the coming weeks.