Threxxx - The Freemixxx [EP]

Florida-based Threxxx Productions releases not so much an EP as a challenge to any aspiring emcees to come and spit on his beats. 12-tracks in total, The Freemixxx EP includes 6 remixes of songs from Grime essentials like Skepta and Wiley. Immediately following each remix is the instrumental of that same track. This turns the EP into a learning tool of sorts for fledgling hip hoppers. All one has to do is press play on the instrumental and imagine what type of cadence, energy, and over all lyrical aesthetic one would envision on it. Then, press play on the corresponding remix and see what type of rap Threxxx decided to use. 

If your visions align, great, if not, even better as you are hearing how another hip hopper understood the track and expanding your repertoire of approaches. There are many wrong ways to approach an instrumental, but there are also many right ways. The more right ways you are able to recognize and employ, the more likely you will be able to find the perfect way. Press play and, if you want to study up, be sure to start with track 12 and work your way up.