Tonedeff - Competitive Nature

Hip hopper Tonedeff follows up his 2005 debut album Archetype with a four-part sophomore project titled Polymer. The project is administered in four seperate EPs written and produced by Tonedeff himself, each with its own stylistic aesthetic aimed at cumulatively encapsulating his artistry in full. The reason the follow-up comes so far after the debut is because just at Tonedeff was gaining traction as an independent artist, hip hop turned a corner and left his sound behind. As Trap began to assert its dominance in full and Techno became the crucifix to hip hop's Dracula, rapid fire lyricism was relegated to YouTube where it functioned as novelty clickbait. 

It was only a matter of time, however, before the soundscape welcomed back the likes of Tonedeff. Now that Trap has secured itself as an established genre, a widely encompassing counter-genre can be seen forming. Call it what you will but this "Anti-trap" of sorts means Tonedeff's return is upon us. Ready to pick up where he left off, Tonedeff looks forward in eager anticipation of a future "where genre is dead and [he] is a mortician who whistles while he works."

Delivering technically sound verses with a rapid-fire flow over synth heavy boom bap production, Tonedeff's "Competitive Nature" is a track representative of the genre merging that occurs over the course of Polymer. While the EPs have been trickling out over the past few years, it was not until this July that the project was available in full. You can purchase the first three EPs separately, or buy the the full album which includes parts of Glutton, Demon, Hunter, and all five exclusive songs off of the fourth EP Phantom. If you are eager to return to a time when lyricism was king, check out Tonedeff and his sophomore effort Polymer.