Vee Skeeno - Crucial (prod Sun Sidran)

CT emcee and La Voyager member Vee Skeeno is the type to put 100% in his music and it mos definitely shows in his latest heart felt single "Crucial". Over a smooth jazzy yet soulful back drop provided by newcomer producer Sun Sidran, Vee explodes over the mic with that raw flow passion we all noticed from day one.

I am explaining to you what is going in my life at the moment. This is track is really special to me due to the fact I gave it all I had, and I am more than satisfied with the outcome. I won't stop giving this my all. I am thankful for anyone who pressed play, reposted, or shared this track. I can't see myself doing anything, but making music. Love to all the artist out there spreading the real, and being themselves, and not boxing themselves in. Keep evolving, and creating- Vee