3099 ft Lex Allen - Ostinato (Video)

When APRIME, the emcee of the well-respected hip-hop group AUTOMatic, decided to drop a solo project that sounded almost nothing like the music he’d become known for…and under the name 3099…fans of the emcee admittedly scratched their heads. The music on AUTOMatic Presents 3099 is infused with drum & bass, house, electronic funk, live instrumentation, and R&B; instead of boom bap and soul sample era hip-hop beats. But, thankfully, the fans gave the music a chance and allowed APRIME out of the walls he was previously boxed within…and the project has flourished.

After introducing the first single for the project, “Ostinato” featuring New Age Narcissism (Webster X, Lorde Fredd33, etc.) collective member and R&B crooner Lex Allen, there has been a nice slew of shows and interviews for 3099 and now comes the release of the official music video for “Ostinato.”