Breaking News!!! New Alpac x Max B x Dame Grease-Turn U On (Audio and News)

We all know that Max B is the King of the Wave and since Max had been incarcerated
we’ve heard a lot of rappers try and duplicate the aura of Max.

Unlike a lot of these guys, Alpac , helped create the energy that would become
The Wave, side by side with Max. Al and Max have an undeniable chemistry and energy
That can be heard on numerous hood classics.

The last time we heard new Max was on ‘Silver Surfer’ with Joe Young,
Alpac and Wiz Khalifa, also produced by Dame Grease.

Now we get blessed with, “Turn U On” (Produced by Dame Grease), a brand new exclusive
from Alpac and Max, courtesy of Gain Greene Records and Beads Z. Wider (LiveBreatheLoveHipHop).

“Turn U On” is the lead single from Alpac’s new mixtape,
“Prince of the Wave”. “Prince of the Wave” is set to feature;
Max B, French Montana, Styles P, Wiz Khalifa, Remo Da HitMaker
And more.

It’s no secret that Wiz Khalifa is a Max B fan and was willing
To let it be known, which leads us to this.
Look out for an exclusive venture between Wiz and Alpac
that will lead to new music between the two.

Continue to follow the Wave and keep your eyes and ears open for
New music and news concerning Max B very soon.
For all inquiries regarding Alpac and the latest news on Max B, contact