Henny L.O. - Viberayshuns [Album]

Mutant Academy member Henny L.O. drops off his sophomore album, Viberayshuns via BANY Records. The project includes features from fellow Mutant Academy members Fly Anakin and Koncept Jack$on as well as Langston Thoreau. While exploring the bounds of the classic sound, the production from Hajino and Sycho Sid remains decidedly old school, featuring a host of jazzy samples backed by boom bap percussion.

Despite the reminder on "Heading Out" that "shit ain't gotta rhyme," Henny's lyrics devote a pleasing amount of attention to delivering strict, often multisyllabic, rhymes. The true test of lyrical excellence, however, is one's ability to balance sonic and logical cohesion. If you have a bunch of forced lyrics written for rhyme's sake no one is going to be impressed. If you instead deliver a narrative effortlessly unified by rhymes then you have something worth talking about.  Throughout the project, Henny does an admirable job of balancing the two firmly situating Viberayshuns in the latter of group.

Content-wise, Henny delivers liquor-soaked lyrics detailing his experience as an up and coming hip hopper trying to wade his way through the ensuing mind field of vices. Henny is currently at a formidable phase in his rap career. On one hand, he is still just a normal person who remains restrained by the stresses of working a day job to pay the bills while simultaneously going to school. He has a girlfriend who is on his case whenever he slips up, and he is faced with the loss of loved ones just like everyone else. On the other hand, Henny has made a bit of a name for himself and is now faced with the ensuing stresses of being a performing artist. Accordingly, like its predecessor Carrie On, All Systems GoViberayshuns is a tool for both expression and reflection. Listening means delving into the inner workings of Henny's mind where one gets a glimpse of how effectively he is fending off the stresses that threaten to consume him.