[OK-Tho Premier] Jack Mushroom Returns w/ "Watch Me"

Odd Future affiliated artist Jack Mushroom has been a name talked about very commonly amongst the OFWGKTA forums and fanbase whether good or bad. He made a name for himself with popular videos like "Spaceship" and "Fucking Awesome" as well as his collaborations with Odd Future member Mike G including tracks "Los Angeles" and "Infinity". 

After a few well received mixtapes, "One Up" and "300Shroomz" with brother Skoolie300, Jack followed up with 2015's "DirtBag" EP. Since then he has taken a short break in order to collect himself and work on new material which he plans to drop this year. His new workings of music have been split into 2 projects. The first will be a collection of loose joints called the "Ol' Dirty Mushroom" EP while the second plans to be his official "DIRTNAP". 

Today Jack reenters the game with the Mvteusz Maynvski produced "Watch Me", where he claims his underground ranks with bars of braggadocios lines over a slow middle eastern inspired soundscape all while keeping his signature chill vibes of dirt.