#ProducersCorner: Beus Bengal - Stargate

The first single from his upcoming instrumental album "INTROSPECTION" (out September 5th)

Born in Paris in 1982, this maker and producer of quality of sound is known because of 
successful collaborations with artists in France such as Swift Guard, A2H or Konhdo.

Already known for many years by amateur productions of the musical wealth undeniable Beus Bengal 
finally book her first solo album under the most evocative: Introspection. 

Different musical shades are indeed feel as reflecting a long-term gestation allowing time to 
different states of mind to settle. Musical mix as ambitious as mastered, Introspection called 
a listening that requires all our senses as if delivered smells, colors and sensations came 
from far horizons. 

The course US hint at their presence through dizzying samples that seem straight out of the 
purse of DJ New York 90s, informing us in passing on part of the artistic inspirations 
that fed Beus Bengal ( Jay Dilla, Peter Rock, NOID ..).

Beus Bengal has not only launched this ambitious company and has surrounded himself with 
musicians with undeniable talent.

At a time when profit and commercialism will of humans by humans preach any other notion, 
Beus Bengal therefore timely to remind us the importance of emotions and attention that we 
should all wear . 

First stone of a building that we hope imposing Introspection is an ambitious work 
that rich raising its author among the artists to follow with attention.