Rick Stevenson - 16

Rick Stevenson is a persistent young hip hopper from the Chicago area. He hit me up a while ago asking if he needed to have original production to be featured on our site. I said it depended on the production because I know the big guy is not a fan of people just dropping free verses over the beat currently in vogue. To my dismay, Stevenson told me the beats he was hopping on were originally for the likes of Drake, School Boy Q, Kanye, and Kendrick so it was a no-go.

Then, seemingly over night, Stevenson learned how to produce and returned to my inbox with a completely original production titled "16." As the beat meanders in and out of trap, Stevenson delivers relatively straight forward bars explaining how the track was released on his sixteenth birthday. Additionally, we are made aware of Stevenson's upcoming debut mixtape Anytime Now dropping August 4th and the accompanying listening party. Press play below and see what you think of Stevenson on his own production.

"Anytime Now August fourth better cop it bro
Got a show on the fifth and its gon be free tho"