Sadat X - Agua (REVIEW)

Sadat X, one third of one of Hip-Hop's most legendary groups 'Brand Nubian' is back with another album. Being one of hip-hop's most consistent OG's, Sadat is no stranger to putting together a quality full length project. With 18 tracks, Sadat is giving you a packed concept album. The first track 'Freeze' is Dottie giving you his story of how he got into hip-hop when he hooked up with fellow Nubian member Grand Puba, who introduced him to Pete Rock. On track four 'Industry Outcasts' ft. R.A. The Rugged Man and Thristin Howl III, all 3 MC's are speaking on being just that. Track six is the Dat giving you a lesson about water and its history with the self-titled song 'Agua'. With track 15 'Maybe it's me' ft. Dres, X is venting on what's wrong with the world, life, and hip-hop. He acknowledges that it may be him. Track 17 'We Strive' ft. Dres again is both MC's speaking on what we all (or most) as people strive for, being rich and strong, but not understanding what it takes to make it all last or even achieve it in the first place. With the last track 'Nobody' ft. LoVel, Dat is giving you the wisdom that we all already know, that nobody is forever young. All in all, this project is just what X said his music is in a past interview I remember watching 'Music for grown working men who want to come home after a long day, and have a beer.'

Rhymes = 3.5/5
Content = 3.5/5
Beats = 3.5/5
Overall = 3.5/5