Adrian Younge - The Electronique Void [Album]

This, too, is a story about control. It’s a manual, maybe half Rosetta Stone, half bird guide. It was made the way they made electronic music in the good old days, all analog everything, right after synthesizers shrunk to a manageable size and you didn’t have to trek down to a university to use one anymore. Hard-earned. Tastes different. Our parents’ electronic. And its subject is staying together, that thing we thought was their province. It’s about trying to fix what hurts. It’s about knowing better. Black Noise is men talking to men about women; Lemonade is a woman talking to women about men, and they both orbit around a failure we take for granted like the sun: loving you is complicated. It’s a skill; we forgot.

I’ve always wanted to create an electronic album that was comparable to what a black Kraftwerk would have created in ’72. After spending a lot of time with fellow producer, No ID, discussing analog synthesis and classic recording techniques, he convinced me that the time is now. We are in a day and age where Electronic Music is synonymous with Electronic Dance Music (EDM); this album takes us back to the genesis of electronic music, where the sound reflected the sonic anticipation of the future. I’m convinced that this is what the future should sound like."