Apathy - Pieces Of Eight (Video)

In an era where lyricism seems to fade more and more away, letting its place to other forms of Hip Hop, there are still a lot of MCS willing to keep the original roots of the Golden Era alive. One of those MCS is Apathy, coming from The Demigodz and Army Of The Pharaohs. 

"Pieces Of Eight", his last video tells the story of the first international currency (also known as Peso de ocho) which lead to the origins of the American Dollar. 

The video is beautifully made and composed of many different actors set up in a pirate world that traces back to the origins of this currency. Apathy doesn't fail to deliver awesome Hip Hop with his incredible flow and technique, as usual.

The track is produced by Apathy and the video by Wicked Woods Studio. It comes from his last LP "Handshakes With Snakes" released in 2016 that I really suggest you to check out. But first, let the video speaks for itself.