Artist Spotlight: Stat 1 @Stat1512

Austin, Texas is a city more known for its festivals and party atmosphere than its emcees. Allow Stat 1 to change your mind.

Fruition is the Texas emcees official debut album after a slew of mixtapes and years of building his name. Stat has graced the stage with everyone from Rittz to Z-Ro and is ready to open ears nationwide.

Stat 1 delivers a unique flow and brings back the art of story telling intertwined with alternative rock influences.

Its always refreshing to hear an artist delve into different genres and touch topics that arent always on our radar.

"Everyday" is a standout that shows Stat 1's versatility with substance. Not everyone stunts with flashy jewelry and big rims, some of us wake up and stunt with our ambition and will to do better.

You can follow Stat 1 on Twitter and support Fruition on Itunes