Benjamin iii - They Lied To Us [EP]

Hailing from Knoxville is 23 year old newcomer Benjamin iii who comes to us with his debut EP They Lied To Us. Not normally my type of style of Hip Hop but skimming through this project I can hear some good amount of talent with this kid. The 8 track EP seems to hit different sub genre's of rap with a mixture of boom bap, jazz and the new school sound. But what seems to be the kicker is the voice and flow of Ben that draws you in to the tracks. An impressive effort from homie but where will he go from here?

"How easy we give in to the pressures of media, who force feeds us an artificial idea of being. This creates voices in our heads telling us we arent smart, pretty, strong enough to be accepted in this false reality they created. TLTU is my story on falling victim to this, before realizing the power in knowing and loving self."