Conway Announces "Bullet" Project w/ EffiScienz

Conway and his brother Westside Gunn can boast of being the first to have put the city of Buffalo on the map of Hip-Hop.
In a very short time, the two brothers have won the favour of the greatests like Dj Premier, The Alchemist and Apollo Brown among others. But they also multiply the collabs like this 4 track EP coming out on EFFISCIENZ and produced entirely by Mil.
The rap is atmospheric and the lyrics are those of a bandit as Conway says it in the first joint "Just Gangsta". The second track "To The Streets" is an ode to the street where the rapper battles with his demons. Such as when he was shot, leaving him with scars and a hardly concealable facial paralysis.
On the musical side, Mil provides the perfect atmosphere for this record. Thus, the producer perfectly maintains the high performance he did on the last project of the legendary band from Cincinnati Mood which he entirely produced. The sound is sometimes disturbing and grimey like the cold streets of this city from the New York state, but also terribly melodious as this somptuous jazz version that gives an entirely new note to the original title.
This project surprises us like a bullet, not by the speed of the emcees flow, neither by the bpm of the beats, but as a release coming out of nowhere, like a murderous trap set up to the Rap game between Buffalo & Paris.
CONWAY - Bullet
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01 Just Gangsta
02 Just Gangsta (No Mercy Version)
03 To The Street
04 To The Street (9mm Version)
05 Just Gangsta [instrumental]
06 Just Gangsta (No Mercy Version) [instrumental]
07 To The Street [instrumental]
08 To The Street (9mm Version) [instrumental]