Daniel Son x Giallo Point - The Gunners Tape (REVIEW)

Hard, cold, gritty/grimey, street, Hip-Hop. That's how I describe this collaboration album from MC 'Daniel Son' and Producer 'Giallo Point'. In a short 12 tracks, you get songs of horrorcore street stories with tracks 'Jubilee', 'North side', 'Gold Clips' and 'Cigarellos'. You also find yourself getting some conscious and braggadocious Hip-Hop on the track 'Fly Emirates'. With the tracks 'Jewels' and 'Silvio' you get sampled vocals of the great Nas. Daniel Son is really acknowledging his enemies on the track 'roaches'. 'Dark Shade' and 'Dr. Freeze' are the slower tempo tracks and not my favorite, but they're still dope in their own way given that doomy (Not MF DOOM) vibe. Tracks 'On The Corner' 'Gun under the Pancho' are the tracks that stand out to me as highlights for Giallo Point to showcase himself and his diversity as a producer. An enjoyable, classic hip-hop sounding project that is perfect for riding through the streets with, especially considering the fall vibes are really setting in this time of year. I feel it will also be even better for the Winter.

Rhymes = 3/5
Content = 3-3.5/5
Beats = 3/5
Overall = 3/5