Kool Keith Releases New Album & Video

Today we're treated to, not only the latest addition to the legendary, absurd and unique MC Kool Keith's catalogue, but also a new video for the standout single "World Wide Lamper," directed by Nicholaus Goossen (Grandma's Boy, Happy Madison Productions). The new album is primarily produced by Kool Keith himself, AKA Number One Producer. And while we live in a world full of cheesecake rappers, Kool Keith has managed to assemble a phenomenal team to bring you the madness including MF DOOM, Slug (Atmosphere), Necro, Mac Mall, Ras Kass and many more.  The Ultramagnetic visionary seems unstuck in time, oblivious to geography, brilliantly mixing unflinchingly grim details with surreal, fantastical tangents. The production is a mesh of styles, looping factory drums like classic breaks, wobbly synths and arpeggiated melodies. This is Keith bringing in not just some of the best to ever do it, but his friends and comrades in his latest musical journey.