L*Roneous & Brycon - The World According To Gurp [EP]

Oakland's L*Roneous hits you with a quicky of high-quality content in a way only a word wizard can with his new album, The World According to Gurp backed by the beats of Brycon, this first volume of the Maart Series.

Arriving back home in the Bay fresh off a world tour, Gurp is somewhat of a play off The World According to Garp, a novel by John Irving. L*Roneous utilizes his literary prowess to transform ‘gurpin’ - or the mindstate while high on hard drugs - into an actual person, comparable to Robin William’s portrayal of Garp in the cinematic version of the book. The brevity of his new album is a testament to society’s ills and the complacentness of today's citizens.

Producer & Gurp City Representative Brycon supplied the quirky soundtrack for this parallel world.  Known for his grimy but melodic compositions, his current projects include solo works, the debut album from Xiomara (as co-producer), 2 vinyls from the group Grand Killa Con (Luke Sick & Brycon), and upcoming releases with Dregs One and with Lightbulb as the group Diamond Lung.