Mr. Green - Born To Be King feat. KG of ATR [Live From The Streets]

Even if the video and the song are already more than one year old, I think that they deserve an article (even the full Live From The Streets Project needs one, but that will be for another time).

Mr. Green, originally from Highland Parks New Jersey, launched a few years ago a video/album project called "Live From The Streets" with the director Sam Lipman-Stern. The project is pretty interesting since Green wanders in the streets with his mic looking for some street musicians to record samples from. This goes from people drumming on buckets to sounds of a BMX wheel. Everything is then taken back to Green' studio and transformed into a powerful and creative beat.

On this episode, Mr. Green meets KG of ATR (Above the rest, a reggae collective) in a park outside Brooklyn with some beats he already recorded for his EP "One Day". As soon as he played the beat, KG started singing and the recording sessions was going on. Everything has been recorded outside in the park while the party was going on.

This shows how music really should be made, which is in the most organic way. Now the track has been played in the radio and even on television. Green even took this opportunity to record a whole album with ATR called "Live From Parkside" that you can check out on Soundcloud

In the meantime, you can check out the video for yourself below, it's absolutely amazing. And in fact, the whole "Live From The Streets" album is an absolute eye-opener ! Here's the link for it available on DuckDown Records and on Soundcloud