Sicknature - Bangers From The Beatcave (An Instrumental Project)

Bangers From The Beatcave (An Instrumental Project) is an instrumental album released on the 19th of September 2016 by the ultimate Goon Musick and Snowgoons member, Sicknature.

Member of the German collaborative Snowgoons since 2011, Sicknature comes from Copenhagen in Danemark and started his career in the mid 90's as an independant Hip Hop MC and Producer.

The Danemark based artist already has quite a long career behind him, producing different tracks for Vinnie Paz, La Coka Nostra, M.O.P, Army Of The Pharaohs and many others. His early career started mainly in Copenhagen but soon became international, mainly when he joined the Snowgoons team.

His new album, Bangers From The Beatcave, is a fully instrumental project. Composed of 12 different tracks, going from chill BoomBap tracks to hardcore classic sampled tracks that really reflect his style and the Snowgoons style in general.
The album is 30 minutes long and is available on various platform such as :

 iTunes (

Spotify (

and many others. I really suggest you to buy it and support this independent artist, his work is absolutely amazing.

Welcome to the Beatcave !