The Rise Of Mad Squablz

Hip Hop seems to be at turning point right now, with a rise of what people would call "mumble rap", getting more and more away from the original lyricism and getting more credit that it deserves. This is unfortunate since there are a lot of MCS out there carrying the roots of Hip Hop without necessarily being noticed.

Talking about those artists, there's one on the rise that we need to talk about... Mad Squablz.

Born in 1996 in Philly USA, this young artist has always stayed "in the shadow", not really trying to be "hyped" or following any kind of trend. Instead of that he created his own, carrying the original Boom Bap style and Lyricism that we all love, and he's doing it since 2012. Squablz had the opportunity to perform on numerous shows already which has helped him gaining experience and skills.

In a recent video dropped on his Facebook page, Squablz destroys some Kendrick Lamar & J Cole's beats with his incredible lyricism, imagination and punchlines raising the attention of many including Vinnie Paz and the legendary underground team of Team Backpack. Of course we understand why, this is absolute fire !

He will soon drop an album called "The Art of Boom Bap : Generation Next" but In the meantime, be sure to follow him on
Facebook @Iamsqualbz 
Soundcloud @mad-squablz