SmooVth - SS96J [Album]

“When Jay-Z came in the game with his first album, he was the ‘voice of the hustlers.’ He brought a new style and confidence, with rhymes that made listeners visualize the street life through the eyes of a hustler. SS96J is my story. This is my Reasonable Doubt. I'm the smoothest since '96 Jigga.”  — SmooVth

TheWinners dope spitter SmooVth looks to take it back like it was 96. Inspired by the debut album from Jay Z, Mr Calhoun himself looks to bring back that raw grimy flow era along with top notch boom bap production from Giallo Point, Al Divino, Kev Brown, Vic Grimes and more. Featured guests include Planet Asia, Killer Ben, Big Twins and #TheWinners crew.