Deca - Waiting (Video)

Deca is a rapper, producer and visual artist originally from Denver, CO who now lives New York. As a follow up to his popular stop-motion videos from his last album, The Ocean, the rapper dove into the art form himself with his new video "Waiting," which he animated using flower petals and an iPhone and reminds me of a modern day "Sledgehammer" video. This is the first single off Deca's forthcoming album, Forest Agates, a mostly instrumental record that will be accompanied by a companion rap album shortly after. The song features beautifully produced harmonies, melodies and grooves over which Deca’s lyrics soar in a self-contained dreamscape.

"With delicate and intricate maneuvering of the petals, Deca creates blossoming mandalas and "archetypal figures that shape shift and change face," visually illustrating the complexity of the human experience, and the love and energy required to reverse the disorder in our constant striving toward a divine ideal. Through kaleidoscopic patterns that can be at once beautiful and disturbing, Deca hand-delivers imagery to accompany the evocative, lyrical introspection he's known for, which in this song delves into the chaos of our modern age and seeks to re-emerge out of the forest on a new path toward enlightenment."