Devine Carama ft River Greene & Deven Roberts - Lake Full of Regrets (prod Obvious)

After a quick warm up to get fans ready for his upcoming album, Kingtucky, Devine freshly offers up the first official single. It's a soulful and reflective track entitled, "Lake Full of Regrets" which features a verse from upcoming fellow Kentucky rhymer, River Greene, as well as the soulful crooner, Deven Roberts, on the hook as they rock over the Obvious production.

"The entire song is a loose metaphor on how our regrets in life can drowned us if we are not careful. The vindictiveness and self loathing of not forgiving ourselves and others will ultimately lead to our own demise if we don't learn to let go of those mistakes and become better for them. Definitely one of the most personal songs on Kingtucky and one of the more reflective songs I've ever written."