Dominique Larue & J. Rawls - Almost There [Album]

Since 2011, there have been plenty of late night sessions over the years in the studio where magic happened bringing us to, Almost There. A diverse musical collage of dope beats from J. Rawls and dope rhymes from Dominique Larue where she captures the ups and downs of life, pain, and love. With the assistance of HiPNOTT Records, Larue and J. Rawls hope that once the world gets a hold of Almost There, fans will appreciate the journey and understand that life is truly for the living.

Since Hurricane Matthew is expected to hit HiPNOTT Headquarters in South Florida later tonight, we've decide to unleash the new album from J. Rawls and Dominique Larue today via Bandcamp.  The album will be available via all other online retailers at midnight.

To accompany the album release, they also have a video for the duo's latest single, "F##kin Jerk".