Ill Poetic - By Any Memes Necessary

Fresh from producing Red Pill's Critically-Acclaimed "Instinctive Drowning", Ill Poetic returns to writing his own press releases in the third person accompanied by his own live band.

I wrote this song "By Any Memes Necessary" because I've hit a point where writing an update, an opinion, a thought on any social media platform feels more and more pointless. There are only so many ways to say the same things, and to continue to shout into this vacuous social media space gives a great initial dopamine rush, but at the end, feels like empty calories.
90% of what I think to post now, I don't bother. I just refocus the thoughts into art or anything that I feel will positively affect change in the direction I was going to write about on here. Also, our collective ability to reduce great people with great legacies down to 2-dimensional memes is both genuinely hilarious and tragic to me.
This song is that feeling. Maybe that will explain the 'crying Jordan on baby Biggie' album art.