Jared Evan - Big Brother (prod !llmind)

Whats a year in music without some new goodies from our homie Jared Evan? Yes it's been 6 months since we last heard from him but he returns in great fashion. While a lot of us look up to these artists who inspire us in so many ways, it's rare to know who inspires them. That's what we get in Jared's second single "Big Brother" which is off of The Blanket Truth set to drop the 4th of November.

"I had planned for my next song to be about my brother. I had the concept for weeks, but didn’t have the right music for it. In one of our sessions, !llmind gave me a beat to write to for another big artist. Once I heard the beat, I realized it was the perfect music to accompany my concept. I told ill we shouldn't shop this anymore and that I wanted it for myself. I wrote it from a child-like perspective, how I always viewed my brother growing up. I always wanted to be just like him, and still do.”