Kool Keith ft MF DOOM - Super Hero (Video)

Kool Keith & MF Doom flew in through Tulsa to anotha dimension right on time for the Heroes Hustlers convention this morning. This is two of the world's best, true Hiphop Super Heroes kicking it with the X-Men drinking tea watching D-cup chicks, eating shrimps, swanson frozen duck dinners, driving  monster truck Lamborghini's, w/ some Cold Stone ice cream on the side. It doesn't get much better.

The new video from super director Kris Merc and Aardman Nathan Love Animation Studio and is nothing but infinite GIFs, incredible models of DOOMs mask and Black Elvis Wigs, Doc Oct surgeries, and space flights all over Number One Producer's hypnotic crashing cymbals and driving bass.

"When I produced the track I pictured DOOM  as a bunch of different Marvel characters. Like two super heroic distinctive rappers with powers," says Keith.

From the new album Kool Keith - "Feature Magnetic" out on Mello Music Group.