LegSweep Specialist - After Life (Official Video)

"After Life" is the new video from North Carolina based duo LegSweep Specialist which” is taken from the forthcoming full-length album, LegSweep dropping on Oct 28th via Below System Records. The album is the first pairing of emcee Fuzz Jaxx and producer/emcee Sam Brown and especially speaks to those listeners who miss tracks with soulful loops, chopped breaks and conscious/ down to earth lyricism.

"Though this is their debut as a group, both artists are hip-hop lifers who have paid many dues in the culture. Greenville, NC native Sam Brown has spent the last fifteen years mastering his rhyme-style and beat-making with the MPC. In love with the music, Brown headed to the mecca of the sound in New York City, where he assisted many sessions at the legendary Quad Studios.

Fuzz Jaxx’s career as an emcee stretches back the mid 90’s in his hometown of Augusta, GA. As a member of Shaft he gained local notoriety and a following. Arriving in Wilmington, NC in 97, he has grown to a respected lyricist and cornerstone of the underground hip hop scene there and in neighboring regions. Besides his solo work, some other Fuzz Jaxx projects have included the four man crew, N.H.A. and the live hip-hop fusion band, Organix

On the formation of LegSweep Specialist Brown relates “when I moved to Wilmington after being in New York, I met Fuzz. We really connected on an artistic level and while I loved him with Organix, this record is a showcase of him just going in lyrically. With this initial release we really found our groove as a duo and have already began working on Fuzz’s next solo album, which I am executive producing.’"