Mark Steele ft Rapper Big Pooh - Ain't Real (prod Ben Ford)

Mark Steele's connection to the Little Brother legacy is storied. Aside from being a North Carolina compatriot and longtime fan, Steele has been taught and mentored by his idol 9th Wonder since attending North Carolina Central University, where the Little Brother trio first formed. Therefore, it's only right that Steele join forces with Rapper Big Pooh to call out the frauds on his latest single, "Ain't Real." This is the fourth single from Steele's forthcoming album Almost Time, set for release this Friday, October 28. In addition to Rapper Big Pooh, the project features guest appearances from Raheem Devaughn, and more.

"Little Brother put out a record called 'speed' that changed my prospective on how to narrate a song. It was one of the few times I heard a record that didn't brag about the extraordinary lavish lifestyle that so many rap songs usually portray. 'Speed' spoke about working a job by day the grinding becoming a star by night. The connection I got from that record is why I rap about reality today. As I get closer to achieving rap dreams I find it my duty to spit reality to the next young kid listening to me. Only right I grab a former member of LB to help me paint the picture." Mark Steele