Otis Mensah - Internet (Video)

Directed by Charlie Lightning and Alexei Lucas, comes the Brazil like visuals to UK based rap-poet Otis Mensah's "Internet" single, accompanied by the mellow, boombap instrumental sound of U.S Baltimore based hip-hop producer Ray Sosa, which is featured on his new concept-EP Computers Outside.

“In this internet age that we all exist in, I feel it has become easy to fall victim to a vicious cycle of monotony, eventually leading to a life of total mediocrity, if the worst case scenario prevails. This virtual matrix has become a primary and staple necessity; a habitual right to be plugged in to, since all signs of the internet as a recreational and educational entity owning luxury-status has been drained out and flushed away. The generation that succeeds us will only know of a time when the internet and computing as its driving force was not in full effect second hand, vaguely through memorabilia.” Otis Mensah, Computers Outside.