Camp Lo - Piece Of The Action / World Heist (Video)

Back in 1995-96, the Bronx duo of Sonny Cheeba and Geechi Suede along side the incredible production of Ski, took to the studio to work on a demo together. They soon were picked up by Profile/Arista, only their then demo was scratched and they were asked to create a whole new set of tracks which were to become their classic debut "Uptown Saturday Night".

20 years (on the date of January 28th) and 7 projects later, the three have decided to return to their infamous demo and take a nostalgic walk back into the late 90's before the release of their debut. Their first offering comes in the form of a double video as Devin Hampton directs them in the golden era fashion. Look for their unofficial first album/demo to drop on the 20 year anniversary this January.