Deca - First Light (Video)

For the past several video releases, New York via Denver rapper Deca has stayed behind the camera, exploring the aesthetic element to his worldview through intricately animated stop-motion videos. In his new video for "First Light" the second single off his upcoming album Forest Agates which drops November 14th, Deca returns in the flesh to the spotlight, yet still manages to combine the music with his own visual art. In this documentary-style video directed by Eric Heights, Deca travels with artists and frequent collaborators Jolt (of Guerilla Garden) and Diego Rodriguez Warner to the Eastern Plains of Colorado to paint a grain silo and at an abandoned missile silo from the 60s. While the mural takes form, Deca takes listeners on a journey through darkness and light, with tension and disorder culminating ultimately into sunrise. The stark landscape of Lamar, CO initially appears empty, but upon closer inspection is teeming with life.