Lando Chill - Madera Canyon [EP]

Mello Music Group's newest artist Lando Chill released his debut album "For Mark, Your Son" a few months ago on Mello Music. Since then, Lando has been perfecting his live performance with his band and crafting new material. He and his band, including Lasso (Sampler, Guitar, Keyboard), Chris Pierce (Bass), & Jimmy Borquez (Drums, Guitars) went up to Kent Springs Cabin in Madera Canyon, Arizona to cut an EP of tracks from Lando Chill's debut w/ bonus tracks from their stage show. The EP is a glimpse into the vastly expanded sound that live instrumentation has brought Lando Chill - and a window into his upcoming album.

"The fidelity of live instrumentation in modern day hip hop has been making a fervent comeback, & being surrounded by some of the most incredible musicians I've ever met, it was only natural to progress toward a higher musicality. Lando Chill (I) have been fortunate enough to play live shows with the band since November of 2014, & since their (our) genesis, we've sculpted live versions of cuts before, after, and from Lando Chill (my) debut album, 'For Mark, Your Son'. I'm proud to present work that is a branch from the growing tree of Lando Chill & represent the core musicians who help the the kid coast." - Lando Chill