MeRCY - Montana Lives Forever [EP]

While pushing back the release of his "Swamp Thing" album, MeRCY sneak releases an EP titled "Montana Lives Forever". The Florida native finds himself to a crime epic, MeRCY's quickly-made drug kingpin record is as conceptually tight and musically refreshing of audio dope. Almost every song is based on a specific scene from the film based on Antonio Montana aka Scarface, a former drug kingpin. MeRCY raps the struggles of a Drug Lord and living the street life. Songs expressing wars like with Colombian drug cartels and his own drug-fueled paranoia serve to fuel the flames of his eventual downfall. Producer Solidified, managed to score such cinematic production throughout the EP. Musically, 'Montana Lives Forever' is lush and spacious. Over the course of 9 tracks, the EP loosely outlines the criminal rise and fall we've seen in so many movies. However, the Scarface movie is legendary until this very day and MeRCY & Solidified managed to keep his legacy alive.