Producer Ray West Drops Classic 1991 EP

Back in 1990 a group known as 2 Mad & Company consisted of a young Ray West combined with an aspiring teenage MC 2 Mad. Together they formed a short lived group the consisted mostly of basement recordings & street corner ciphers. These recordings come from a rare studio session that took place in 1991 @ the Box Studio in NYC. Remastered from a demo tape cassette and pressed on a 7 inch vinyl , consider this a time capsule dating back to 1991. This 7 inch contains 2 full songs & a bonus track from 1991 featuring Poetic Prince. Complete with digital download code which contains bonus material.

Side a :
1.Runnin Scared - 2 Mad & Company
Side b
1.Im an Artist - 2 Mad & company
2.Flavour tape  91 - Poetic Prince & DJ Majestic R

7 inch vinyl…vintage-1991