#ProducersCorner: Joe Cyrus - The Space Between Thoughts

The Space Between Thoughts” is producer/rapper Joe Cyrus’ instrumental goodbye note to the awakening chapter of his life. Cyrus left Pennsylvania seven years ago in search of more. After moderate success with indie imprint, STLP (windchILL, Artists Over Industry), the label’s subsequent break-up led a newly free Cyrus (then Pluto) on a journey of self-discovery to Portland, Oregon where he would spend the next several years gaining renown as a rapper and beat maker. Joe Cyrus produced the entirety of underground classic ‘Actually Happening’ by DMLH, as well as rapping and producing all of Midas Dutch’s ‘Space Gorillaz’. The solo single “Occupy the Dungeon” made some noise during the Occupy movement, as Cyrus continued to tirelessly compile work. Then it happened. He and his long-time partner, Vanessa, learned that they would have to find a new home due to extreme health complications spurred by the perennially cold and rainy Northwest. As life transformed seemingly overnight Cyrus struggled with the depression of leaving the place he had come to call home. The Northwest was the transitional part of his journey, the bridge between the East of his youth and the West of his future, the corpus callosum. Portland was the Space Between Thoughts, the magical field between the photons of time where all was possibility. The only way Joe Cyrus knew how to say his farewell was to reflect his stay through the instrumentals Portland had inspired. This is his homage.